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intro, and passionfruit?

Hi to this community, Bristol 2002 session 1 Writing the Expository Essay (went by Lyz) , 2003 session 2 philosophy (usually called Rachael here...that would be my real name...and had green hair) and 2004 session 2 intro to logic (known mainly by Pirate).

ANYWAY I am here to express my anger at the fact that my site does not do Passionfruit. I don't know if this is because it's a CAA site not the others do it? But my brother, who goes to Siena every year, explained to me what it is and I, being a nevermore, felt SO left out. And I think I am going to get myself a passionfruit juice and do it by myself...any others can join if you live near me but I doubt that.

Also, if there are any other CAA people who feel left out in the CTY communities, there is now a caa_alltheway, which I monitor, created almost completely out of spite for this RA who thought he was cooler than everyone at Bristol just because he went to CTY, and he 'can't believe they assigned him to a fake CTY site'. So I'm not saying all CTYers are like this, I have many friends who are, but really we need our space too, right? Okay maybe not. But please join because it's cool!

Thanks you guys are all awesome because you're cty people


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