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hey CTY Compile!!!

hey all
I went to CTY at St. Mary's in 2001 for Intro to Lab Sciences, Franklin & Marshall for 2002 in Crafting the Essay, and St. Mary's in 03 for Chemistry.
Lancaster was by far the most tradition- drenched site. We had five dances instead of three and they were outside under the stars on the dew-wet grass, which ruined our high heel shoes and ruined your outfit if you fell but still was a million times better than a dance inside. We joined hands and ran as they played "It's The End Of the World As We Know IT." We made a tunnel with our habndas and allowed some daring people to take off their pants and hold them over their heads and run through the triangle during Bizarre Love Triangle. (I was one of the few... don't worry I wore guy's boxers underneath.) We diud a special rhythmic hand slapping dance while sitting on the floor for one sone. We howled through Stairway to Heaven. Of course we did the whole American Pie sacred ritual.. only we had a "sacrificial rite" and we
howled "ORGY! ORGY! ORGY!" at the end and clustered like wolves and acted drunk at the end. Especially after the last dance. That was the most tearful experience in the world by the way.
Besides the dances, we also had our Thursday Evening trips to Turkey Hill, a nearby convenience store where we loaded up on ice cram and bought groceries etc. We also had Saturday trips to the farmer's market which was interesante. We dressed up our RAs in duct tape suits. Mandatory Fun (yeesh what a name) was always a game show type of thing. Of course there was Ben-In-A-Box, which was a bronze five-feet statue of Benjamin Franklin though he looked like he was in a box... college guys had a loathsome tradition to urinate on Ben-In-A-Box, so mostly we avoided Ben. (Of course, since Ultimate Frisbee was the big thing there, if your frisbee hit a tree you had to hug the tree... so we were careful never to play near Ben-In-A-Box lest we had to hug him too.)We named our tree Bubba.
Any other unique traditions or happy CTY times anyone wants to share? Please Do!!!
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