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Saratoga Traditions

Hey all. I just discovered this community. I've attened CTY @ Saratoga Springs for the past three years, this being my last. (very sadly). There are some traditions unfamiliar to the non-Saratogians.

They are:

1) Love Tape Day- began a few years ago, not sure by whom.

What is it: you take a few rolls of tape, distribute strips of it and have people rip pieces off and plaster it on it each other. It symbolizes the love and is done to every CTYer.  

When: Second Tuesday.

2) Love Rock Day- started last year by my friend Emily.

What is it: Emily found rocks (good ones) and wrote love on them. Then she slipped them into people's pockets without them noticing. They'd empty their pockets later to find a love rock in it. Again, it symbolizes love. This is done to your closer friends. 

When: Last Tuesday

3) Goth Day/Black Pride Day/Mark Hazel Rememberance Day- I'm sorry if there are any "goth" kids here and if this offends you, but last year my friends and I decided to wear all black one day (Naughty Catholic Schoolgirl Day) because we didn't have skirts. We have a friend named Mark Hazel who was awesome, but got into trouble with admin a lot.

What is it: So this year, (mark was a nevermore last year '04), we all dressed up in all black and remembered Mark. It's also Black Pride Day because the term goth can be rather offensive.

When: Last Wednesday

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